The J Files: Peaches


More Than A Musician

Ask most Peaches fans what her music means to them and there’s a consistent theme: Peaches made me feel good about who I am.

Whether it’s her sex-positive lyrics upending the status quo, her made up yet bushy-bearded face staring down the lens on the cover of Fatherfucker, or her mission to make you feel included; Peaches has been a champion for anyone who has felt on the outside.

Talking to triple j’s Robbie Buck in 2007, Peaches said her music stems from her own feelings growing up of not belonging.

“My lyrics include a lot of things that reference sex and that actually relates to questioning a lot of power roles and gender roles,” she said.

“I don’t care if it’s titillating or not. I’d rather people just wanna rage to it… I want [people] to sing along in the same way that they sing along with other songs. And if the message gets through that’s great. But I make party music, and why I wanted to make party music is because I didn’t feel like I was included in a lot of the parties.”

As actress Ellen Page wrote  in her forward for Peaches’ photography bookWhat Else Is In The Teaches of Peaches:

“Peaches has, without a doubt, been one of the most important musicians in my life,” she wrote.

“She is more than a musician, though: She is a true artist, and a prolific one at that. For a sixteen-year-old gay person, she offered something that I could not find elsewhere. A voice that said, Fuck shame, fuck the male-dominated perspectives of sex, fuck gender stereotypes, fuck not embracing your desires, and fuck not owning yourself.”

Peaches wrote ‘Boys Wanna Be Her’, from her 2006 album Impeach My Bush, as an anthem for girls and women. Almost 17 years into her career, we could easily take it far more literally – all the girls and all the boys want to be Peaches.

CHAPTER 2 The World Catches Up
CHAPTER 3 The Teaches of Peaches
CHAPTER 4 Peaches As Performer
CHAPTER 5 The Influenced Becomes The Influencer
CHAPTER 6 Music For Everybody

Read the full article on Double J. 

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Originally published on 8th December, 2016.

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