How Travel Can Fast-Track Healing A Broken Heart

Break-ups, whether they’re truly the end of something or not, give our feelings a real bruising. You’re dropped into a pit and it’s your job to dig up on out of there. How well you take to picking up that shovel depends a lot on what else is happening in your life. If a Grey’s Anatomy marathon and days between showers is on the cards, you might feel like Macguyver trying to piece together your escape (and who has that kind of energy after your heart’s been stomped on?). But when you’ve got something to look forward to, there’s a reason to stay positive. Planning an upcoming adventure is like having an arsenal of sophisticated escape tools with you in that pit.

Two weeks before my last trip overseas my then-boyfriend broke up with me. My self-esteem and I were already a bit estranged, so having a flight booked gave me some forward momentum that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. Just over a month later, it was wheels down back into my life. My ex-boyfriend continued to exist within the universe and there was a lot of personal rebuilding to go through, but the rubble of that relationship had been cleared away or at least organised into neat piles to sort through.

Every break up, like every relationship, is different, but if you’re keen to fast-track through a bunch of moping and wallowing, a getaway may be just the ticket. Overseas trips won’t give you all the answers, but you’ll feel you’ve at least completed the outside edges of the puzzle. Here’re six ways that travel can help to fast tracking the healing of a broken heart.

#1 Going the distance

Texts From Your Ex on Instagram is a primary source document that shows how little self-control we have in resisting the urge to reach out to exes. Getting out of town puts literal distance between you, your ex-partner, and a reliable internet connection. If you’re standing in a Buddhist temple you’re not going to be going to be checking in on that cutie wearing sunnies who is liking your post-break up ex’s non-sequitur status updates. Any time you do get do some internetting, while you probably will wander on to their profile, it will limit your time there. Mum’s expecting an email after all. As an added bonus, being in a new place means you won’t be surrounded by any markers of your relationship or need to burn that tape of ‘Rollin’ With The Homies’ straight away.

For five more ways travel can fast-track healing a broken heart, read the full post on AWOL.

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